Collective Subconscious

Collective Subconscious

Automated Installation
18-05 until 30-07-2023
Düsseldorf, Germany

Collective Subconscious is an installation using CHAT-GPT Artificial Intelligence to predict the future of the visitors using it. It was placed in the parking garage of the Kunsthalle in Düsseldorf, and was operated through the visitor’s smart phones as an interface. This project was presented in MUR BRUT 27 and it was curated by Juli Hoffmanns.


The Collective Subconscious is an interactive installation. It is using Artificial Intelligence, chatgpt-3. The chatgpt-3 part is connected to mini computers, screens and sensors in order to create an experience similar to the one that one has when interacting with a fortune teller. The public, puts their hands in a box, to simulate a palm reading device. Afterwards, the installation is activated and the public receives a set of questions. When the they have filled in the form, each visitor gets a slip of paper onto which a prediction of their future is printed.

The prediction is personalised for each visitor.

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For the 27th edition of the MUR BRUT project series curated by Juliane Hoffmanns, the artist is designing the wall in the parking garage of the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf at Grabbeplatz 4.

What role do humans play in times of artificial intelligence? Can it act on an equal footing with us hu- mans? These and other questions are part of social discourses that are more topical than

This serves to control access and thus raises fundamental questions about authorisation by machines. The artist responds to these with a fortune-telling machine that interacts with the audience by means of artificial intelligence and issues an individual prediction of the future in three steps.
The centuries-old cross-cultural practices of divination and state-of-the-art technologies meet here and entangle different temporalities: Past and future collide. While divination satisfies the human need for control, artificial intelligence eludes it. Both, however, are united by a mystification of the unknown, the not quite tangible, which gives rise to a new entity in Collective Subconscious.

In her brilliant conceptual performances and performative installations, the artist deals with social, societal and political discourses by placing them in a concrete context. In doing so, she seems to remain neutral, she does not express any direct criticism. Instead, she gives the audience space to develop their own thoughts on what they see.

(“Idea” text: Juliane Hoffmanns)


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