Performative installation

Rundgang 2019

05.02 – 10.02.2019

First floor opposite the room 122.

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

from 12:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 19:00




It is bad with the bad, but it’s worse without it.

How is it that the same things that appear bad, can be good, and the ones intended for good can actually be horrible if not used in helpful way?

If we are in the middle of a mechanism, it is very difficult to see how it works with us, how it uses us. Somehow we do not see its recurrent situations that will appear until we learn how to get out of a system.

Either the burn gets greater if one does it multiple times, or the repetition is just helping with creating a bigger level of ignorance. In both situations the burn might hurt just as bad and this is not helping anybody to get away from a cyclic programme or at least stepping into another one.

Can we really understand what is good for us and if any general truth exists in this goodness that everybody can barely understand but cannot really assimilate?

What is the better bad in between two hardships? This is the question that many people face in multiple situations. These situations do not necessarily have anything to do with direct pain, but more the pain of the decision in a variety of situations.


  • Who do I vote for, when all politicians are corrupt and have a hidden agenda?
  • Should I get a divorce from an abusing partner and raise a child on my own and am I abusive at all?
  • Should I get rid of my passions that cannot yet make me survive in the world because they do not bring me sufficient money and just take a normal 9 to 5 safe job somewhere or should I push through the gaps and I will make it work?
  • Should I lie to myself or to others in order to fit in a specific society?

Pain is somehow the first filter towards getting an idea about what’s happening around us, but I don’t think anybody can be sure that learning comes through pain, and for sure, it does not help when other people tell you it hurts.