The True Truth

Performance & Installation
01. until 17.10.2019
Düsseldorf, Germany

The True Truth is a performative installation that puts into question the reliability of the internet and how many matters remain unexplained and unanswered when trying to find out the truth about certain socio-political current situations.

This project also talks about the price that people pay when technology is combined with authoritarian structures, or when technology is used to manipulate target groups through social media and other platforms.
As machines are still operated the majority of time by humans it is not always valid to say that only the machines and the technology/robots have no emphatic feelings or in some cases mercy. Sometimes if people could slip through the judgement of machines , the people operating the machines can prove to be as merciless.


During the performance, a set of questions is being tipped in a laptop and submitted online.
After each difficult question (a.e. What is the “Do-So!” dance movement that was made popular in Trinidad and Tobago during the elections?) a series of machines is activated, culminating with a robotic arm that is picks up clay puppets and throws them on the ground, thus breaking them.
Similar to a video game, when the little people, who symbolise lives or possibilities are all broken, the performance is over.