Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Exhibited at
Empty Spaces III Project, Ulmer Höh,
03.05.2023 – 07.05.2023,
Düsseldorf, Germany

Critical Infrastructure is a limited photography series, capturing critical infrastructures in Bucharest, Romania. A recycling centre on one side, and a thermo-central on the other, were being exhibited side by side, firstly as part of the ‘Exit through Limbo’ project at Empty Spaces III. Afterwards, the two photography works were exhibited on the occasion of the 250 years jubilee of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf at the Academy Gallery. 

The dimension for both the works 50x65cm. They are printed on Canson paper and frames with non-reflective UV glass.

This project is a reminder for what humanity is facing in the current political and climate situation. It offers an unfiltered point of view in the landscape of industrialization and at the same time how the machinery is helping to cope with deteriorating climate change. In case of war, the so called critical infrastructures are the first ones to be destroyed in order to secure conquering. 

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