Cristiana Cott Negoescu

Born: 24.07.1991 in Bucharest, Romania

Living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany


I am a multimedia artist, or better said, a conceptographer. My main point of focus is performance art, followed by video and photography.

I concentrate my attention on social-political-spiritual matters, giving them a context in live or recorded actions. Through these artistic actions, I give examples of pondering concerns that I have experienced directly, or through other people.




• I have graduated from The University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK, in 2013 with a Bachelor in Media Production: video, photography and animation.

• Studying at the Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, since 2016. 

2017- 2018 in the Class of Johannes Paul Raether 

Currently in Dominique Gonzales-Foerster’s class since 2018.

Selection of the latest exhibitions and events:

Residences and workshops:


Extended Bodies, workshop and art laboratory for digital media, as part of the festival Temps Du Image, Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf Germany. 


Koleg für Kunst, interdisciplinary art residency, Montepulciano, Italy.


Mixed media and Performance art:


• Fortuna Brevis, performative installation, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Germany

• Spit it out! Multimedia Installation and performance, Plan.d Produzenten Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

• 129 ways to get a man, photography and performance, Tromsø, Norway.


• While I get ready, the world is burning, performance, Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf, Germany

• If you wash it, it’s like nothing has happened, performance, Hannover, Germany

• Dimensions of Dialogue video and durative performance, Franzmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germanny.

• Rundgang II Emphatic Apparatus I, Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf, Germany.


• Performance and Video installations, In Goldenen, Düsseldorf, Germany

• Growth // Video Performance within The Love School Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America.

• BLOCKED // Performance Concept by Terry Buchholz, durative performance at Produzenten galerie during Kunstpunkte festival, Düsseldorf, Germany

• Surrogate, performance and video installation, Kö Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

• A cup of tea, Performance at Gate-art-zone, Düsseldorf, Germany, event curated by performance artist Angelika Fojtuch, as an intercultural dialogue in between Germany and Poland.

• What’s the problem?// Everything is fine. Performance into open spaces, Dusseldorf, Germany


• Underrated Understanding Performance, The Univeristy of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

• Nonsense Observations #3 – All that we perceive, Flipside Art Space, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


• Nonsense Observations #2, Pygmalion Theatre , Vienna, Austria



• Age doesn’t matter, Bargehouse, London, UK

Photography exhibition, done as a documentary series about old people and their means of having fun.

• Labyrinth Installation, Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania

• Connecting the dots, Free Press House, Bucharest, Romania

• The Embassy’s Festival, National Romanian Library, Bucharest, Romania



• Düsseldorf PhotoWeekend, polaroid Exhibition, Fanzmann Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany.


• Staged Naturally, Impossible Project Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Polaroid Photography experiments exhibition.

Publications apparitions:

• A cup of Tea | Editorial | Wotisart? Magazine | UK

• Maximilianus | Editorial | Germany

• Being old in Romania can be a lot of fun | Editorial | Vice magazine | Europe | USA | Asia

• Work Publication | AA Magazine | UK

• Top of the Romanian Women Photographers | F64 | Romania

• Child of Yggdrasil| Paper chase magazine | UK

• On the side of the road | Jute magazine | USA

• Polaroid apparition | Polaroid of the Day | Spain

• Poem selections | Berlin Artparasites | Germany

• Interview and performance apparition | Visible Spectrums | UK