Cristiana Cott Negoescu


Born: 24.07.1991 in Bucharest, Romania


I am a multimedia artist, or better said, a conceptographer. My main point of focus is performance art, followed by video and photography.

I concentrate my attention on social-political-spiritual matters that I transform into potentially, giving them a context in live or recorded actions. Through these artistic actions, I give examples of pondering concerns that I have experienced directly, or through other people.




  • I have graduated from The University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire UK, in 2013 with a Bachelor in Media Production: video, photography and animation.


  • I am now a student at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Germany, in my second year, studying performance art, videography, installations and text as a full student in Johannes Paul Raether’s class and also as a guest student in John Morgen’s class.



Selection of the latest exhibitions and events:





•  If you wash it, it’s like nothing has happened // Performance // Ilka Teurich studio : atelier // Hannover, Germany. 



  • Rundgang II Emphatic Apparatus I // Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Germany.



  • Performance and Video installations // In Goldenen, Ackerstrasse, Düsseldorf, Germany


  • Growth // Video Performance within The Love School Festival, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America.


  • Solo at 121, Emphatic Apparatus // Immersive performance, residency programme at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany.


  • BLOCKED // Performance Concept by Terry Buchholz, durative performance at Produzentengalerie, Plan.d, during Kunstpunkte festival, Düsseldorf, Germany


  • Surrogate, performance and video installation, Kö Gallery, at Koe meets art, Düsseldorf, Germany


  • A cup of tea, Performance at Gate-art-zone, Düsseldorf, Germany, event curated by performance artist Angelika Fojtuch, as an intercultural dialogue in between Germany and Poland.


  • Performance during Performance Tag, Simultan Halle, Cologne, Germany, a group performance based on a text writen by Caner Tekker and Nikolas Brumer. The performers are here live messengers who deliver a text in an interpretable manner.


  • What’s the problem?// Everything is fine. Performance into open spaces, Dusseldorf, Germany


This performance was part of a bigger student protest against the decisions that were taken by the director of the Kunstakademie to close the academy after 20:00h, on weekends and holidays, and also against the non-transparency of the administration system. The performance started in front on the academy, on a Sunday, when the academy was closed, by a group of students, myself included, by building a human wall and another group trying to get through the wall. This was a durative performance, and the participants were switching roles as they went along.



  • Underrated Understanding Performance, The Univeristy of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This performance was held in a tent that was installed inside the University of Amsterdam.


  • Corpus monologue Performance Kö Gallery, Koe meets art, Dusseldorf Germany.

An interactive performance in which I was in the middle on a plastic foil, held erect by the participant public.


  • Nonsense Observations #3 – All that we perceive, Flipside Art Space, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

This performance is part of a series of events called Nonsense Observations, in which I portray my fears in order to get them out of my brain so I can observe them from an objective point of view afterwards in order to hopefully understand their absurdity.




  • Nonsense Observations #2, Pygmalion Theatre , Vienna, Austria

Also as part of the series of the Nonsense Observations, this performance I did with a performance partner. This performance portrays the stages of sleep and how one and live and perform their own dreams and what entities might arise from their dreamtime.





  • The Surreal Moment, Vama Veche under the Oscar lights Festival, Vama Veche, Romania

Performance done for the photography festival “Vama sub lumini de Oscar” as part of the practical workshop for the participant photographers.


  • Nonsense Observations #1, Gallery IX, Bucharest, Romania.

This performance, also done with a performance partner, inspired by the “Porcupine dilemma” a metaphor for how social and intimate relationships can at the same time enrich us yet also harm us.






  • Age doesn’t matter, Bargehouse, London, UK

Photography exhibition, done as a documentary series about old people and their means of having fun.


  • The impossible gallery in action, FORM Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Multimedia event, video, video installations and objects in a labyrinth-like garden and building. 2015:


  • Dimension opening event, POINT, Bucharest, Romania
Multimedia event, consisting of installations water installations, light boxes and video.


  • Rain Installation, Contemporary Art Festival, ARTYourself, Bucharest, Romania Suspended installation manifesting water


  • Labyrinth Installation, Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania

Textile installation throuhout the room, composing a labyrinth. Each exit of the labyrinth had a screen playing a loop of videos


  • Connecting the dots, Free Press House, Bucharest, Romania The Embassy’s Festival, National Romanian Library, Bucharest, Romania

Polaroid photography, and experiments of printed photography on manual paper.


  • Staged Naturally, Impossible Project Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Polaroid Photography experiments exhibition.




Publications apparitions:


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  • Inside the womb | Editorial | Vice magazine


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  • On the side of the road | Jute magazine | USA


  • Feature | Culturates | Romania


  • Interview about what art is | Artivist | Romania


  • Polaroid apparition | Polaroid of the Day | Spain


  • Poem selections | Berlin Artparasites | Germany







Links to recent past Performance events:



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