Poetry Exhibition
Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen
Düsseldorf, Germany


In a small social detriment
Somewhere in between transhuman and
Being butt naked on the beach with everybody else,
Sparkly shinny nylon,
Wet convention –
We’re all fucking robots, uploaded in the Cloud.
Hopefully in the latest version, joking amongst ourselves
Briefly, in computational photography.
I laughed at your viewfinder every time I used it
Through you, to take photos that you do not know about.

Please give me a shovel,
I want to burry my children in sand –
Figments of imagination
In a mental game, there is sadness, spiked with short moments of joy –
Easily hysterical like in a jazz trip.
Almost forgot how my couch feels like
Filled with all this information.


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