Poetry Exhibition
Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen
Düsseldorf, Germany


Floating aloof and
Almost reaching the corners
Of the bed, of rooms that I do not understand
With scratched out sofas, and never too close to being in the vicinity of cleanliness.
I am not drawn in technicolour
Not evil
But also not taking a poetry class.
Chosen out of hundreds of other deals, even better than my own.
Better than her alone,
What a dreadful pronoun.
She wanted to cry when you told her,
Almost, but she looked up
So that her tears would not hit her cheeks because her foundation was 48€
How much more.
How much more of your cat’s hair –
Shamanistic creature of the furs in my victory repertoire
The garbage bin.
New life in the womb.
Listen to me when I’m talking to you,
I make announcements,
I make hits.


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