30 cubic centimetres

30 cubic centimetres

Photography Exhibition
05 until 09-11-2020
empty-spaces.de &
St.Göres Str.40 Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth, Germany

What remains after a cycle?
Aftermath traces that form a different cosmos when they are not attached.
Two photography instances were made in the house by combining organic materials like hair with make-up and letting them transform into
abstract reflections of what remains when we are not here anymore.

The photographic exhibition was shown on as part of the “Empty spaces – what are we living for?” project in conjunction with the performative installation 195 Cubic Centimeters.

For this exhibition, a big empty house was made available for seven artists before being refurbished. The artists dealt with our daily actions and rituals, with our needs and ways of life and the spaces we create for ourselves and traces we leave behind. With their works they filled the void and interwove the seemingly abandoned space anew.

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